1. Decide when to apply

You can delay getting your pension:

  • for up to 5 years from when you become eligible, or
  • until you turn 70.

You may want to delay because of your financial situation and what makes sense for you when you become eligible. For example, you might still be working and not need the money right away.

If you delay getting OAS, you can apply up to 11 months before you want your OAS payments to start.

If you are not sure if you should delay getting your OAS, talk to a community legal clinic or a lawyer.

What happens if you delay

If you decide to delay getting OAS, you get a higher amount each month when you do start. For every month you delay, you get 0.6% more. This goes up to a maximum of a 36% increase when you reach age 70, which equals 0.6% each month for 60 months.

For example, if you’re eligible for $500 each month when you’re 65 and choose to delay until you turn 70, at age 70 you would get $680 each month.   

Until you start getting OAS:

  • you can’t get the , and
  • your spouse or can’t get the , if they qualify for it.
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