4. Prepare your H&C application

To make a , you must give:

  • a lot of detailed information
  • strong that supports your application

To do this, you have to:

Following IRCC’s instructions

IRCC has an instruction guide that gives detailed information about:

Using IRCC’s document checklist

Use IRCC’s document checklist to make sure you include all of the documents they require. For example, you have to get:

  • photocopies of identity documents, such as passports or birth certificates
  • police certificates from each country where you lived for at least 6 months after the age of 18
  • certified translations for any documents that are not in English or French

When IRCC will send back your application

IRCC will send your application back to you if you:

  • don’t include all the forms and documents they need from you
  • don’t fully complete all the required forms
  • don’t include proof that you’ve paid the full amount of the processing fee

Evidence that supports your application

If you don’t include strong evidence that IRCC should accept your application, they’ll likely refuse it. It’s important to get legal help so that your application is as strong as possible.

A lawyer who knows immigration law can help you make the strongest possible application and can help you gather evidence to support it.

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