4. Check your application and get legal advice if needed

Go over your application carefully before you send it to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Make sure you include all of the documents you need. You can use the document checklist that’s part of your application package.

IRCC will send your application back to you if:

  • you didn’t fully complete the form and give IRCC all of the information and documents they need
  • you didn’t sign the form and put the date on it
  • IRCC gets your application more than 90 days after the date you put on it
  • you put a date on your application that’s in the future

Getting legal advice

When IRCC decides about your citizenship application, they can look at other documents they have about you. They compare the information to see if it’s the same. For example, they might look at:

  • your application for permanent residence
  • records of your travel into Canada

If you think IRCC might find any differences, you may need to get legal advice before you apply. This is because if IRCC finds different information, in some cases they may:

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