3. Think about becoming a Canadian citizen

Many permanent residents choose to become Canadian citizens as soon as they qualify. This is because, as a Canadian citizen, you can’t be forced to leave Canada unless, when you applied for citizenship or status, you:

  • said something that was not true, or
  • left out information you were required to give.

Crime and applying for citizenship

There are times when for reasons related to crime you don’t qualify. For example, you don’t qualify while:

  • you’re charged with an indictable offence
  • you’re charged with a crime that’s listed in the Citizenship Act
  • you’re in jail or in prison serving a
  • you’re serving what’s called a
  • you’re on probation or
  • you’re being investigated or charged for reasons related to war crimes or crimes against humanity

If you qualify now or in the future, there are good reasons to think about becoming a Canadian citizen.

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