2. Learn about H&C reasons

When you apply for status on , you can give any reasons that you believe support your application.

Your H&C application can be successful based on almost anything that makes others feel compassion and want to help. And if a child would be directly affected if you were forced to leave Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must consider what’s in the child’s best interests. See Step 3 to learn more about this.

Reasons that may help to support an H&C application

Here are some examples of reasons that might help to support an H&C application:

  • how established or settled you are in Canada
  • your ties to Canada, for example, if family members live here
  • what will happen if members of your family are separated
  • your physical health or mental health concerns
  • family violence that you’ve experienced or will experience if you’re forced to leave Canada and how that affects you
  • hardship or difficulties that you might face if you’re forced to leave Canada

Examples of hardship or difficulties that you might face could include:

  • health care that’s not adequate for you
  • poverty
  • discrimination based on religion, gender, or something else
  • laws, practices, or customs that might put you at risk, for example, a risk of being abused

IRCC must consider whether your application is strong enough, based on all of the reasons. Most successful H&C applications are not based on one reason alone.

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