Take legal steps for assigning and subletting problems

You can apply to the when your landlord:

  • says that you cannot at all to anyone
  • says that you can sublet or , but then rejects the tenants you suggest without giving you a good reason
  • discriminates against people you want to assign or sublet to, for reasons such as race, religion, colour, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, being on social assistance, or having children
  • charges you a sublet or assignment fee that is more than they had to spend on things like advertising and credit checks

The Board could the landlord to let you assign or sublet, and to return money the landlord should not have charged you. The Board can also end your so you can move out early without owing rent.

If your landlord is discriminating against you or the person you want to sublet or assign to, you can apply to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for other . If you are also applying to the Landlord and Tenant Board, you should ask both the Board and the to have the two cases heard together.

The person you wanted to sublet or assign to may also be able to apply to the Human Rights Tribunal.

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