Make an agreement with your landlord

You can ask your landlord to agree to end your before the end of your rental or , or on short . Sometimes landlords are happy to do this because they may be allowed to charge a higher rent for a new tenant.

If your landlord agrees to this, it is a good idea to put the agreement in writing. You should both sign an Agreement to End the Tenancy (Form N11).

It is best to use the Form N11. But if you write an agreement yourself, make sure it includes:

  • the address of the place you are moving out of
  • a statement that you and your landlord agree to end the tenancy
  • the date the tenancy will end (which can be any date you and your landlord agree to)
  • your signature and the date you signed the agreement
  • your landlord’s signature and the date your landlord signed the agreement

Make sure you keep a copy of the agreement.

IMPORTANT: If you make this type of agreement but do not move on the date you agreed to, your landlord can apply right away to the to have you evicted. Your landlord can do this without telling you or giving you any papers. This can happen even if the agreement was not in writing.

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