Learn if your landlord might be able to evict you because of your pet

In most rental housing, the only way the landlord can force you to move out or get rid of your pet is by applying to the .

The Board should not you simply because your rental agreement says you can’t have a pet. But the Board might decide to evict you if:

  • your pet is a danger to other tenants or to the landlord
  • you are breaking local bylaws about pets
  • your pet is seriously interfering with other people’s enjoyment of their property
  • someone living in the building has a severe allergy to your pet
  • your pet causes damage to the property
  • you fail to take care of your pet properly

For example, you could get evicted if you have a cat that scratches a neighbour, or a dog who barks for long periods of time every day.

You could be evicted if you fail to take care of your pet and this causes problems for other tenants or for the landlord. This can include not picking up after your dog.

You could be evicted if you do not follow local bylaws about pets. This can include:

  • having more pets than allowed
  • having a type of animal that is not allowed
  • not having the required licenses for your pet

Provincial laws or local bylaws might ban or limit certain animals. For example, some exotic animals, and dog breeds like pit bulls.

Your landlord or the Landlord and Tenant Board might also give you the choice to get rid of your pet instead of moving out.

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