5. Get the Board’s decision

If the Board runs out of time to finish your hearing, they will schedule another date and you will have to come back at that time.

When the hearing is finished, the Board member might tell you their decision right away.

Or they may tell you that they are going to send you their decision in writing. This is sometimes called “reserving” the decision. This usually takes at least 1 week after your hearing, and might be even longer.

The Board’s decision is not official until it is in writing. This is called an Order.

Read the Order very carefully. Get legal help if you are not sure you understand it.

If the decision is in your favour

If the Board member decides that your landlord did not prove a legal reason to you, the Order will say that the landlord’s is “dismissed”. This means you do not have to move out.

If the Board member decides there is a legal reason to evict you, the decision might give you extra time before you have to move. Or the decision might say you will not have to move if you take certain steps.

If your landlord disagrees with the Board’s decision, they have up to 30 days to file a review with the Board or file an appeal at court. If this happens, get legal advice about your options.

If you disagree with the decision

If the Board member has decided you should be evicted, the Order will say that your is “terminated”.  The decision might also say you have to pay part of your landlord’s legal costs, or pay for damage the Board member finds you responsible for.

If you are being evicted for owing rent, the Order might say that you will not be evicted if you pay a certain amount of money by a certain date.

If you disagree with the Board’s decision, you might be able to ask for a Request to Review an Order. You have up to 30 days to file a review with the Board or an appeal at court. Try to get legal advice before you ask for a review.

If you do not take steps to review or appeal the Order, you will have to move out by the date given in the Order. If you do not, your landlord can get the Sheriff to make you leave .

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