4. Tell the landlord your decision

If you want to move out at the end of the , you must give your landlord proper notice. You can’t just wait for the lease to expire and then leave. You have to give at least 60 days before the end of the lease.

If you leave without giving proper notice, you could owe the landlord rent for one or more months after the end of the lease.

If you want to agree to another fixed , you can sign a new lease. But first you should make sure the details of the new lease are correct and that the landlord didn’t put in any changes that you don’t agree with.

Your landlord might tell you that you have to return the signed lease by a certain date. There is no legal rule about how much time the landlord must to give you to decide. Your landlord might tell you that you have to move out if you don’t sign and return the lease before their deadline. Remember, this is not true. You always have the option of staying as a tenant.

If you decide you want to stay as a month-to-month tenant, you don’t have to do anything. If you don’t sign a new lease and you don’t give your landlord notice that you are leaving, then you automatically become a month-to-month tenant. None of the terms and conditions or other details about your agreement will change, except for any legally allowed rent increase.

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