4. Plan to get to the hearing early with everything you need

It’s important to get to the hearing early with everything that you need to present your case. And you must be able to spend up to a whole day at the hearing.

At least one day before the hearing, make sure you have enough copies of any papers or photos you want to use as evidence. And make sure you have a way to play any sound or video recordings you want to use.

It’s best to arrive at the Board at least one hour before your hearing time. This will give you the chance to speak with Tenant Duty Counsel if you don’t already have a lawyer or legal worker to help you, and to sign up for if you want to.

Leave plenty of time to get to the Board location. The Board does not usually accept traffic jams or public transit delays as an excuse for missing your hearing.

Try to make sure that you have the whole day free for the hearing. Even if your hearing is scheduled in the morning, you might have to stay for the afternoon. This can mean you might have to:

  • make arrangements for child care
  • get time off from work or your other responsibilities
  • bring any medication you need to take during the day
  • bring any food you will need if you have a condition that means you need to eat at specific times

If you have a video or telephone hearing, you should check to see if Tenant Duty Counsel is available. If they are you should call in at least 20 minutes in advance so that you have the chance to speak with them before the hearing.

It’s very important to be on time for your hearing. If you miss your hearing, the Board will probably you without hearing your side.

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