4. If the Board does not reschedule, make sure someone goes to the hearing

If the Board does not reschedule your hearing, then you will have to go, or send someone to represent you, on the original hearing date.

If you send someone to represent you, you must give them a note that is signed by you to show that they have your permission. Your representative can be a licensed lawyer or paralegal, or a friend or family member who is not being paid to be there.

If your representative is not a licensed lawyer or paralegal, then they must not be getting paid to represent you. If they are being paid, the Board might not allow them to represent you, and your might be dismissed.

On the hearing date, you or your representative can ask the Board member to adjourn the hearing. This means to postpone it to another date. You should first ask the landlord if they will agree to this.

If the landlord will not agree, the Board member will probably not adjourn the hearing unless they think you have a very good reason, or they think your landlord is being unfair by not agreeing.

If the Board member refuses to adjourn, that means the hearing will probably go ahead on that day, even if you are not there or not ready. You should or your representative should be as prepared as possible for the hearing date.

If you do not go or send someone to the hearing, the Board will probably decide to dismiss your application. The Board could also you to pay some of your landlord’s legal costs.

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