3. Sign the agreement

If you and your landlord reach an agreement to settle the problem, it should be in writing and signed by both of you.

Before you sign any settlement agreement, try to get legal advice, and make sure the agreement

  • says exactly what you agreed to
  • does not include anything you think is not fair
  • gives you a solution in case your landlord does not do what they agree to do (for example, getting repairs done yourself and taking the cost off your rent payment)

If you sign an agreement, make sure you get a copy of it.

And take a copy of the agreement to the hearing and tell the Board member about it.

Mediated agreements

If you make a and your landlord doesn’t follow what they agreed to, you might be able to apply to the Board to re-open your and have a hearing.

If your hearing has been combined with an eviction application made by your landlord, be very careful what you agree to do. In that situation, a mediated agreement can give your landlord the right to apply for an eviction without giving you any and without you having a hearing.

Try to get advice from Tenant Duty Counsel before you sign your agreement. Make sure to keep a copy of the agreement. The Board does not keep a copy.

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