3. See if you can cancel the notice by fixing or paying for the damage

Form N7

If the is on a Form N7 then you cannot cancel it by fixing or paying for the damage. This form means your landlord thinks you or your guests did serious damage on purpose.

Form N5

If the notice is on a Form N5, your landlord should have checked or filled in the little box beside “Reason 2 – You or someone visiting or living with you has willfully or negligently damaged the rental unit or the residential complex”. Under that are two small circles. Look to see which one of those circles has been filled in or checked.

If your landlord filled in or checked the circle beside “You have 7 days to correct the problem(s) described on page 2 and avoid eviction”, then the form should say how much your landlord thinks it will cost to repair the damage or replace the damaged items. If you decide that you want to repair or pay for the damage, you must make arrangements with your landlord within 7 days. The deadline for making these arrangements should be on the form.

But if your landlord chose the circle for “I can apply to the Board immediately for an to you”, then you cannot cancel the notice by fixing or paying for the damage. This is because your landlord is claiming they gave you another Form N5 within the past 6 months.

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