3. Make notes about what you want to say at your hearing

It’s a good idea to make notes about what you want to tell the Board before your hearing day. If possible, practice what you are going to say.

Think about how the evidence you are bringing will help prove your version of the facts. And think about what questions you can ask the witnesses to prove your version of the facts.

Plan how you can use your evidence to show that your landlord’s evidence isn’t believable or that it doesn’t prove that there is a legal reason to you.

If your eviction hearing is happening because you owe rent, think about what types of payments you can make to bring down the amount of rent that you owe. The Board will expect you to pay your rent on time as well as make payments toward the rent you owe.

Some Board regional offices hold regular hearings. If you live nearby, it’s a good idea to go watch some hearings before your own hearing day. This can give you an idea of what to expect at your hearing and how people present their cases to the Board.

There are Board regional offices in Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Mississauga, and three locations in Toronto.

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