3. Find out how to name your landlord in your application

Making an to the Board is like suing your landlord. You need to be sure that you are suing the right person or company.

Make sure that you have the correct name, address and other contact information for your landlord. If you are not sure who your landlord is, you can name whoever you make your rent cheques out to. You can also look at a copy of your tenancy agreement or any other letters or notices from your landlord.

You may also be able to get your landlord’s legal name and address from the tax assessment rolls at your city hall or local government office. Your local councillor’s office might be able to help with this.

If you have more than one landlord that you want to put on the application, you will need to fill out the Board Schedule of Parties form.

You cannot sue a superintendent directly at the Board. Also, you cannot use the Board process to sue other tenants that you are having problems with.

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