3. Defend yourself if the landlord comes after you for money

If your landlord claims you left the place damaged or dirty, they might try to get you to pay for repairs or cleaning. You might get a letter or a phone call from the landlord, a lawyer, a paralegal, or a collection agency. Or you might get a legal called a Plaintiff’s Claim if they decide to sue you in Small Claims Court.

You may not agree with the amount your landlord is asking you to pay. Reading the questions and answers about maintenance and repairs might help you defend yourself.

For example, you might be able to argue that the things the landlord is complaining about are really just ordinary wear and tear, or things that the landlord was responsible for fixing. Or you might have photos or other evidence to show that you left the place in good condition.

If a collection agency has contacted you, learn about your rights and the rules the collection agency must follow.

If you are being sued in Small Claims Court, read the Plaintiff’s Claim carefully to see what the deadline is for you to file a Defence. Find out how the court’s process works.

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