2. Pay on or before the date of your eviction hearing.

If you don’t cancel the by paying, your landlord can apply to the to hold a hearing about evicting you. The Board will then send you a Notice of Hearing and a Form L1.

If this happens, you can still try to stop the eviction by paying the amount you owe before the hearing date.

The Form L1 should show the amount you have to pay to stop the . This amount will include any rent payments that you missed since the first Notice. It will also include the application fee the landlord had to pay to the Board. You also have to pay any rent that became due after your landlord signed the L1.

You can pay the money to your landlord or into the Board’s Trust Account. You should bring in the receipt to the Board as soon as you make the payment.

If you pay the full amount to the Board, the hearing should be cancelled.

But you should go to the hearing to make sure the Board member knows that you have paid if:

  • you paid all or part of the amount directly to your landlord, or
  • you are not sure the hearing has been cancelled.

If you pay any amount to your landlord, make sure you get a receipt.

COVID-19 Evictions for non-payment of rent
COVID-19 Evictions for non-payment of rent

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