2. Look at the purchaser’s affidavit

When the landlord applies to you, they must show the Board an agreement of purchase and sale that has been signed by both the landlord and the purchaser.

Your landlord must also give the Board an “” from the person who wants to move into your rental unit which states that they intend to move into your place. An affidavit is a written statement that was signed in front of a witness. The affidavit must include the legal name of the person.

To get a copy of these documents, you can go to the Board office where your hearing is scheduled.

If you cannot get to the Board office because it is far away, or if you have a telephone or video hearing, you can call the Board to ask if they will send you a copy of these documents. Or, if you have a low income, you can call your local community legal clinic to see if they can help you.

At the hearing, you have the right to question the person who signed the affidavit. Ask your landlord to bring that person to the hearing.

If your landlord does not promise to have the person there, you can ask the Board to let you them. This would mean that they have to come to the hearing to answer questions.

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