2. Go to mediation

The Board has employees called mediators who will try to help you and your landlord reach an agreement. A mediator might phone you before your hearing or speak to you on the day of your hearing. In some areas of Ontario, you or your landlord must ask the Board for a mediator if you want one.

You can sign up on the Board hearing day to speak to a Board mediator. The Board mediator will then talk to your landlord to see if your landlord will go to with you.

You do not have to go to mediation. You and your landlord can try to work out an agreement with a mediator’s help or without it.

Either way, you can bring a lawyer or someone else to help you, such as a family member, a friend, or a social worker.

Tenant Duty Counsel are lawyers and community legal workers who can help you at most Board locations across the province on the day of your hearing. They can give advice about legal rights, obligations and the Board process, help work out settlements with landlords or help you talk to Board mediators.

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