2. Ask the Board to reschedule the hearing

You should fill out a Request to Reschedule a Hearing form. On the form you must include:

  • if the landlord has agreed to reschedule the hearing (if you have this in writing, attach it to the form)
  • a list of all the dates when you, your landlord, or your representatives are not available, for 90 days after the original hearing date
  • your reasons for wanting to change the hearing date

If your landlord does not agree to change the date, you will need very good reasons why you cannot go ahead on the date the Board set.

For example, maybe something unexpected has happened and now you won’t be able to go to the hearing on the date the Board set.

Or maybe you have found out that an important witness will not be available on that date, or you will not be able to get an important piece of evidence by then.

The Board is more likely to agree if the reason is something that you can’t control.

When you have filled out and signed the form, you must mail, email, deliver, or fax it to the Board. Make sure the Board receives it no later than 12:00 noon on the day before the hearing date.

You must also send a copy to the landlord.

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