1. Repair the damage or pay to have it fixed

If this is the first time in 6 months that your landlord has given you a Form N5, you have 7 days to cancel or “void” it by:

  • repairing or replacing damaged property, or
  • paying the landlord the amount they asked for on the N5.

If the landlord is not satisfied with the repairs, or if you do repairs or make payments after the 7 days have passed, the landlord can still apply to the Board to you.

If this is not your first N5 in 6 months, you don’t get a chance to void it.

If you didn’t cause the damage

If you didn’t cause the damage, and it was not caused by anyone in your household or anyone you let into the building, you might not want to void the by repairing the damage or paying for the cost of repairing it. If your landlord applies to the Board for a hearing, you will have the chance to prove to the Board that you did not cause the damage.

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