1. Learn about the advantage of being a month-to-month tenant

There is one main advantage to having a instead of having a for a fixed .

Having a lease means that if you want to end your tenancy before the end of the term, it might be hard to do this.

But if you are a tenant, you can end your tenancy any time you choose, as long as you give at least 60 days’ in writing and choose a that is the last day of a rental .

If you move out after giving proper notice, you won’t be responsible for any rent after that date. You won’t have to find a new tenant or arrange to or your tenancy to someone else.

So if you’re not sure you will want to stay in your place for another full year, going month-to-month can be a good choice.

Having a monthly tenancy can also be an advantage if you have to move unexpectedly or you find you can’t afford the place any more.

Sometimes, becoming a month-to-month tenant is the only way you can stay in your place after the term of your lease ends. Your landlord doesn’t have to offer you another fixed term, unless your lease says they must. But the law says your landlord has to let you stay as a monthly tenant until they have a legal reason to try to end your tenancy, even if it’s the end of the lease.

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