1. Check if the notice is complete

You don’t have to pay a rent increase if the landlord did not give you a written .

If you got a notice that is written on one of the Board’s forms (N1 or N2), check that all the information is complete. If the notice is not on a Board form, check that it contains all of the following information:

  • date of notice
  • date rent increase is to take effect
  • amount of new rent
  • your address, including unit number
  • name, phone number, and signature of the person the notice is from

If the provincial rent increase guideline applies to your unit, the notice should be on a Form N1. It must show the increase in dollars and as a percentage, and must say one of the following:

  • that the percentage increase is less than or equal to the provincial guideline, or
  • that it is more than the guideline and the landlord has applied to the Board for approval, or
  • that it is more than the guideline and the Board has already approved it
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