2. Understand your CTO treatment plan

Your plan will include things like:

  • appointments to go to
  • medicines to take
  • rules to follow

If it’s difficult for you to follow a part of your treatment plan, speak to your doctor or talk to your . They may be able to change your plan and give you another (CTO) with a new plan.

You can also look at the Assertive Community Treatment(ACT) Team option to see if that’s a better option for you.

If you don’t follow your plan

If you don’t follow your treatment plan, your doctor will first contact you to make sure you remember what your plan says. If you still agree to follow the plan, your doctor can help you to figure out how to do that.

If your doctor thinks that you’re not following your plan on purpose, or that you’re unable to follow it anymore, they can order you to come in so they can examine you. If you don’t come in, the doctor can ask the police to bring you in.

Once the doctor has examined you and reviewed your condition, they can:

  • cancel your CTO and let you go home without a CTO
  • give you a new CTO with a different plan that you agree to follow
  • cancel your CTO, sign a Form 1 and keep you in a to get treated there
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