1. Learn how ODSP can pay someone from your ODSP money

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The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) can pay all or part of your to someone you owe money to. This is called “pay direct”.

For example, ODSP can decide:

  • to pay your rent directly to your landlord
  • to pay your utility costs, like heating or electricity, to your utility company

If you ask ODSP to pay someone directly

You can ask your ODSP worker to set this up if you need help making payments because of your disability.

ODSP is supposed to set up “pay direct” for housing costs, like rent and utilities, if you ask them. But they won’t do it if they think that there’s a risk to you. For example, they can refuse if they think your landlord might try to take money that you don’t owe.

If you don’t ask ODSP to pay someone directly

ODSP can decide to use “pay direct” if:

  • they think you’re not able to make your own payments for your rent or utilities
  • someone else asks them, for example, your landlord or someone in your household

ODSP is supposed to talk to you before they decide. And they’re supposed to look at things like:

  • Are you often late paying your rent or utilities?
  • Are you behind in your payments for rent or utilities?
  • Is your landlord trying to evict you?
  • Is your heat or hydro going to be cut off?

ODSP can set up pay direct even if you don’t agree.

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