5. Understand what happens if you miss your visit

If you can’t make your visit, tell CAS as soon as possible. If you don’t, your child could be very disappointed. If you know before that you can’t make it, you might be able to change your visit to another day or time. 

If you can’t see your child, you can also ask CAS if a family member or friend can visit instead. CAS sometimes lets people who are close to the child, such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles, visit. You should speak to your worker if there’s someone in your family who would like to visit your child while they are in care.

If you miss several visits, CAS may ask you to confirm your visit ahead of time. CAS keeps track of how many visits you miss and if you’re late.

CAS may ask the court to reduce or stop your access if you miss a lot of visits or if you do something that upsets your child on a visit. For example, if you hit or shout at your child or others. If you have an access order, CAS must go back to court if they want to change or stop your visits. 

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