5. Sign your separation agreement

You can put what you and your partner agree to in a . This is a written contract that you make with your partner.

A lawyer can help you and your partner reach an agreement that is legal and “enforceable” or “binding”. A binding agreement means that if either of you stop following the agreement, the court can order you or your partner to do what the agreement says.

Once you and your partner have made a binding agreement, it will not be easy to set aside your agreement. This means asking the court to allow you not follow the agreement.

For example, the court will not set aside an agreement just because one of you has changed your mind and now thinks your agreement is not fair. But the court may allow you to set aside all or part of the agreement if it wasn’t negotiated fairly because one of you didn’t share your financial information honestly.

If your situation has changed, you can ask the court to change an agreement that deals with some issues like:

For example, it may change your and parenting agreement if you agreed to pay child support but your children moved in with you after you signed your agreement.

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