5. Get your partner’s reply

Your partner has 10 days to and a reply to anything in your Form 10: Answer that is a new issue or claim by filling out Form 10A: Reply.

For example, if you said that your partner has a drug problem, and they didn’t say anything about this in their Form 8: Application, they can file a Reply that addresses that issue. The Reply should not contain any new issues.

You don’t get a chance to respond to your partner’s reply.

Your partner doesn’t reply

Your partner doesn’t have to reply to your Form 10: Answer. If they don’t, it means they don’t agree with what you’ve said in your Answer. You continue with your family law court case.

You and your partner agree on some or all of the claims

You can stop your court case and try to agree your issues outside court. For example, you can make a , get a , or make an offer to settle.

You and your partner don’t agree

You continue with your family law court case.

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