4. Go to your marriage ceremony

You cannot get by phone, over the Internet, or by having someone else go to the ceremony for you. You have to be there in person.

You also need at least 2 adults to be witnesses at your ceremony.

Your ceremony can be a religious one or a civil one.  A religious ceremony is usually held in a place of worship, such as a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple.  A civil ceremony can be held at city hall, or somewhere private like a restaurant or someone’s home.

You and your spouse, your witnesses, and the person who performed the ceremony all need to sign your marriage licence.

The person who performed the ceremony registers the marriage by sending a complete and signed marriage licence to ServiceOntario.

Some people choose to get married abroad, for example at a “destination wedding” in another country. If you want to get married outside of Ontario, see How do we get married outside of Ontario?

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