4. Check what documents the other country requires

Find out what documents the country or countries you’re traveling to need you to bring. Every country has different rules.

For example, to leave Costa Rica, a child with Costa Rican-Canadian citizenship needs:

  • a certified travel consent letter translated into Spanish and signed by one or both parents, and
  • a special permit issued by Costa Rican authorities

Some foreign countries automatically “deem” citizenship to a child born in Canada if one or both parents are citizens of that country. This means the child is considered a citizen of that country and may have to follow the same rules to enter and leave as other citizens of that country.

You can check what each country asks for on the Government of Canada website. Click on the country name to see travel advisories under “Entry/Exit Requirements”.

You should also check with the country’s embassy or consulate in Canada for any other rules or documents.

Make sure to take all the documents you need with you. And take extra copies in case you lose them or need to give them to border officials.

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