3. Wait for the OCL decision

The Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) decides whether or not to accept your case. If they decide to accept your case, they also have to decide the type of professional that gets involved.

The OCL can assign a:

  • lawyer to represent your child’s views and wishes
  • clinician, who is usually a social worker, to investigate and prepare a report for the court
  • lawyer to represent your child and a clinician to help

If the OCL doesn’t agree to take your case, there is no formal process. But, you can ask the OCL to reconsider its decision by writing a letter saying why you think they should accept your case.

If you have any new information, or if you, your partner, or your child’s situation has changed since you filled out the intake form, you should include this information in your letter.

Send a copy of this letter to your partner and to any lawyers involved in your case.

When the OCL receives your letter, they review your file and consider the new information. They will let you or your lawyer know their decision.

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