3. Take important things with you

When you leave, try to take these things with you:

  • clothes for a few days, for you and your children
  • your children’s favourite toys or blankets
  • things like toothpaste, diapers, and soap
  • money and keys
  • any medication you or your children need
  • any proof of the abuse, such as photos, threatening notes, recorded telephone messages, or your diary
  • names and badge numbers of police officers you have called in the past

Try to take originals of important documents like:

  • documents that prove who you and your children are, for example, birth certificates, health cards, passports, immigration documents, your driver’s licence, and credit cards
  • documents from family and criminal court, such as bail conditions, a , or a and order, which used to be called a and order
  • other documents, such as the deed for your house or lease for your apartment, pay stubs, social assistance cheque stubs, your Social Insurance card, and marriage certificate

If you can’t take originals of any documents, try to make copies instead.

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