3. Get your Notice of Recalculation

After you submit your online application to change , your partner gets a notice in the mail from the Ministry of the Attorney General. This notice tells them that you used the Child Support Service to change in child support. It:

  • lists the names and dates of birth for the children the support is for
  • lists the that you’re asking for
  • tells your partner to respond by going to www.ontario.ca/page/arranging-child-support within 25 calendar days

If your partner doesn’t respond, the service may change the amount of child support based only on the information you gave. It will do this only if any of the following do not apply:

  • you’re asking to update child support in a
  • you’re asking to add new or make changes to certain special or extraordinary expenses
  • you have a temporary about child support

If any of the above situations apply and your partner responds saying they don’t agree to use the service, the service won’t be able to process your application. And you won’t get your $80 filing fee back. The service mails you a letter explaining why your application wasn’t processed.

Get your Notice of Recalculation

If the Child Support Service can be used in your situation, the service uses your income information and sends a to you and your partner that says how much child support must be paid.

Both of you must follow the Notice of Recalculation as if it is a court order.

A mistake on your Notice of Recalculation

If you or your partner thinks your Notice of Recalculation has a mistake, for example, a name is spelled wrong, or the parent’s pay stubs were not used to calculate income correctly, you can ask for it to be corrected within 15 days of the date the Notice is issued.

If you disagree with the Notice of Recalculation for another reason, such as you don’t agree with the amount the service calculated, you have to ask the court to change it. You do this by bringing a motion to change child support.

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