3. Get screened

Screening is usually the first step in . Screening means that someone who is not your arbitrator meets with each of you separately to find out if there are things like:

  • a history of partner abuse
  • a mental illness, such as depression

It is done to see if your arbitration can be fair and safe.

In some cases of partner abuse, an arbitrator can arbitrate in a way that makes the process fair and safe. For example, if you aren’t comfortable being alone in the same room as your partner, the arbitrator can make sure that you are not left alone together. They can plan for both of you to come and go at different times or make special rules about how you give evidence to the arbitrator.

In other cases, the arbitrator may decide that they can’t make the process fair or safe. If this happens, going to court may be your only option to resolve your issues.

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