3. Get familiar with court process and the law

Ontario’s family courts follow the family law rules and laws when deciding a family law court case. There is a rule about what is needed at every step in a court case. These rules are called the Family Law Rules. Reading them can help you as you fill out court forms and go through the court process.

Steps in a Family Law Case explains each step in the family law court process. If you’re starting a court case, you’re called the . Your partner is called the . You’re both known as the in your family court case.

Once you start your case, you must schedule a trial within 365 days. If your case isn’t scheduled for trial in that time, you get a notice that says you have 60 days to either:

  • a consent to a judgment or order, or
  • schedule a or

If you don’t do anything after getting this notice, your case may be dismissed.

Family court illustrations
Family court illustrations

See what a family courtroom looks like

At any time during the court process, you and your partner can stop your family law case and try to settle your issues.

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