3. Find someone to perform the marriage ceremony

Your marriage ceremony can be a religious ceremony or civil ceremony. But, you have to make sure that the person who performs the ceremony is legally able to marry you and your partner.

Couples usually decide what type of ceremony they want before they look for someone to perform the ceremony. For example, they might decide that it is important for them to be in their local church, synagogue, temple, or mosque.

In a religious ceremony, a recognized religious official performs the ceremony which is usually in a place of worship. You can look online for a list of people who are recognized.

In a civil marriage, a judge, justice of the peace, or authorized municipal clerk performs the ceremony, often at a local municipal office, city hall, or courthouse. Look online for your nearest city hall, town hall, or municipal office.

When you’re married by a judge or justice of the peace, you must pay a fee of $75 by certified cheque or money order, payable to the Minister of Finance. This, along with the completed Statement of Marriage, will be sent to the Registrar General by the judge or justice of the peace to register your marriage. 

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