3. File your court forms online

To your court forms and supporting documents online, go to ontario.ca/familyclaims. You will need a ONe-key ID. All you need to create this key is a username, password and email address.

If you’re filing documents for an existing family law case, make sure you have your court file number.

If you’re filing documents in a public space like a library, be careful when entering personal information. Make sure no one can see you what you’re typing or can take pictures of your screen. If you’re using a public computer, clear its cache after you finish your session.

Make sure you have everything ready before you start filing online. Once you’ve started, your session ends if you’re inactive for 15 minutes. Your information won’t be saved. You will need to start over again.

After you submit your court forms and documents online, you cannot view them online later. So it’s important to keep a copy of everything for your records.

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