2. Get your partner’s response

Your partner can accept your offer, reject your offer, or make a counter-offer.

If your partner makes a counter-offer, check to see if it has a deadline by which you have to respond.

For example, your partner may give you up to a certain date, or time, or both, to respond to their . If their offer doesn’t include a time limit, it remains open until your partner withdraws it or the judge decides the issues in the offer.

If you receive an offer from your partner, it is very important to be aware of Rule 18(14). It says that if the judge makes an order that is similar to, or better than, an offer one made that the other didn’t accept, there may be .

This means, if you reject an offer, and it turns out you would have been better off taking it, you may have to pay some of your partner’s legal costs.

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