1. Get a case conference date

If you have a first court date, the schedules a after checking to make sure your and your partner’s documents are complete and have been properly served.

The first court date is called an administrative appearance. It is not in front of a judge and is usually not even in a courtroom.

You have a first court date if your case is at the:

  • Ontario Court of Justice
  • Family Court Branch of the Superior Court of Justice, unless you’re also asking for a or to divide property

Cases at the Superior Court of Justice don’t have a first court date.

If your case doesn’t have a first court date, you or your partner have to ask the court clerk at the courthouse to schedule a case conference for your case to move forward.

The court clerk gives you a date for your case conference and signs Form 17: Conference Notice. You must this on your partner. There is a guide on how to serve documents.

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