1. Figure out if the payor parent earns complex income

The parent paying is called the parent. If the payor parent earns “complex income”, you can’t use the Child Support Service.

Complex income means that at least one of the following applies to the payor parent. They earn:

  • less than $12,000 a year or more than $150,000 a year
  • over 20% of their income from self-employment, rental income, or seasonal jobs
  • most of their income as a director, partner, officer, or majority shareholder
  • most of their income in cash that is not reported on their income tax return

If you’re the parent getting child support and you think the payor parent’s pay stubs or tax returns don’t show all their income, you shouldn’t use this service.

For example, the payor parent may be working for cash or not reporting all of their income. This means that their pay stubs and income tax returns don’t show what they actually earn.

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