1. Decide if you want to go to court

There are many reasons why people choose to go to court. And there are also reasons why some don’t. Think about these reasons and then decide what works best for you.

Reasons to go to court

Some of the reasons people go to court are because they:

  • need a decision. For example, they need to know where their children will live and which school they will go to.
  • have an emergency and need a right away. For example, there is a risk that their partner is going to leave the country with their child.
  • want a court order that can be enforced. This means if either one of you stop following the order, the court can order you or your partner to do what the order says.

Reasons not to go to court

Some of the reasons people don’t go to court is because going to court can be:

  • be expensive
  • take more time to resolve your issues
  • stressful
  • is public – in most cases, anyone can attend your court case and anyone can get the judge’s decision
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