1. Decide how likely it is that your partner will take your child away

You need to think about whether your partner will really take your child to another city, province, or country. Think about whether your partner:

  • is able to organize a trip with the child
  • has enough money to leave your city, province, or Canada
  • has somewhere to go
  • has family in another city, province, or country that would help them
  • can find a job and somewhere to live in another city, province, or country
  • has the child’s Canadian passport or a passport from another country
  • could get a passport for the child from another country without you knowing about it

If you decide there’s a strong chance your partner may move with your child without your permission to a place that affects your or , see the next steps for what you can do to try and stop them. Decision-making responsibility and parenting time used to be called and .

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