1. Choose the right financial statement form

Rule 13: Financial disclosure requires you to fill out a court form if your court case deals with , , or .

You can also use the financial statement court forms if you’re not in court. The forms can be useful because they show you what the court looks at when deciding your support and property issues. They also tell you what documents you need to give your partner to prove what you said in your financial statement.

You do not have to fill out a financial statement if:

  • Your case does not involve claims for support or dividing property
  • You want your partner to pay child support in an amount that is similar to the and the Government of Canada’s child support tables
  • You and your partner are filing a support on consent and have agreed that financial statements do not need to be filed

There are 2 financial statement forms. Fill out the financial statement that applies to your situation.

  1. Form 13: Financial Statement (Support Claims): Use this form if you or your partner are asking only for child support, spousal support, or both child support and spousal support. Don’t use it if you need to divide property and .
  2. Form 13.1: Financial Statement (Property and Support Claims): Use this form if you or your partner are asking to divide property and debts. You may also be asking for support.

You can get these family law court forms from the courthouse or online. They are available in French and English.

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