Use the process in your collective agreement

If your complaint is not about human rights or safety issues at work, you have to use the process in the if your employer has not followed what the agreement says.

What you can do

You can tell the :

  • what your employer has done that goes against the collective agreement
  • what you want your employer to do

You can also tell them what evidence you have about what happened. For example, you might have:

  • notes you made about things that happened
  • letters or messages sent by your employer
  • names of co-workers who saw or heard what happened

What the union can do

The union decides:

  • what steps to take
  • how far to go with the process
  • what they will agree to with the employer

In most cases, the union will fight for your rights. But sometimes the union will make decisions you disagree with.

And you might have to accept the union’s decisions. They get to decide what to do when you use the process in the collective agreement.

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