5. Talk to a Labour Relations Officer

The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) will assign a Labour Relations Officer who will deal with your application.

The Labour Relations Officer will contact you and your employer and try to help you agree on a solution. If you can do this, you won’t have to go to a hearing.

Hearings can be difficult and expensive.

Working with a Labour Relations Officer

The Labour Relations Officer is neutral and does not represent you or your employer.

They may give you more information about the law and help you understand what the OLRB is likely to decide if you have a hearing. They can’t force you to do anything.

They might meet with you and your employer in person or ask you questions over the phone. You should explain your situation and show them any proof you have about what happened.

They may talk to you and your employer several times to see if you can agree on a solution.

They don’t make a final decision on your complaint if you can’t agree on a solution with your employer.

You can talk to the Labour Relations Officer honestly.

If the Labour Relations Officer thinks there’s no chance that you and your employer will reach a settlement, they will tell the OLRB to schedule a consultation or hearing.

You will get a Notice of Consultation or Hearing in the mail. It will tell you the date of your consultation or hearing.

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