5. Find out if you qualify for assistance from Ontario Works

You might have to wait several weeks before you get a payment because EI applications can take a long time to process. If you need money while you wait, you might be able to get financial assistance from Ontario Works (OW).

If you qualify, you might get from OW for several weeks before you get your EI benefits.

When you apply for OW assistance while waiting for EI benefits, you have to agree to pay OW back if the money you get from EI would affect:

  • whether you’re eligible for OW assistance
  • the amount of assistance you get

When you start getting EI benefits, you might still qualify for assistance from OW if the amount you get from EI is less than your OW assistance.

If you disagree with a decision by OW, contact your community legal clinic. They may be able to help you appeal the decision.

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