4. Make a human rights claim

You may be able to apply to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario if you think that you’ve been discriminated against.

You start the process by making an application to the Tribunal.

What the Tribunal can do

If the Tribunal decides that your employer, landlord, representative, or service provider broke the law by discriminating against you, the Tribunal can order them to:

  • pay you money
  • change things at work so you don’t have to work with the person who discriminated against you
  • stop doing something or change their practices so they follow human rights laws

You can ask for money to cover expenses that you had or to replace money that you were forced to spend because of what the person or company did. But the Tribunal does not have the power to order them to pay for your legal fees.

You can also ask for money because of how the affected you. When someone does not respect your human rights, this can hurt you. The Tribunal can order them to pay you money for the hurt they caused you. You don’t have to show that their actions cost you money.

You only have one year to complain to the Tribunal about discrimination. Usually, you cannot complain after this time so it’s important to get legal help as soon as you can. If you’re able to apply after the time limit has passed, you’ll need legal help to do this.

The Tribunal has an Applicant’s Guide with detailed instructions. Read more in How do I make a claim to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario?

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