4. Find out about making a complaint to the Ministry of Labour

If your employer isn’t following the law or their own policy, you can make a complaint to the Ministry of Labour. You do this by calling the Ministry’s Health and Safety Contact Centre at 1-877-202-0008.

You can make your complaint without giving your name. But your employer might still figure out that it was you.

The Ministry of Labour sends an investigator to your workplace. The investigator may talk to you, other workers, or your employer to find out what happened.

The investigator won’t make a decision about the harassment that happened to you. And they can’t order your employer to follow their own policies or programs.

The investigator can only look at whether your employer has followed the law. They decide whether your employer’s way of dealing with harassment complaints is good enough. If not, they can order your employer to:

  • make a workplace harassment policy, if they don’t have one
  • post the policy they have
  • change the policy

You can call the Ministry of Labour’s Contact Centre at 1-877-202-0008 to make a complaint. You can call them any time. You don’t have to talk to your supervisor about the problem first.

Your employer is not allowed to punish you for making a complaint

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