3. Fill out the Ministry of Labour claim form

The Ministry of Labour has a Claim Form that you must complete. You can fill it out online or print a copy to fill out. You don’t have to pay a fee to make a claim.

Before you start filling out the claim form, collect all the documents you might need to refer to. For example, you might have:

  • an employment contract
  • a
  • pay stubs
  • T4 statements
  • records or notes you made about your work hours or things that happened

The claim form asks for a lot of information. It will take time to complete. You need to say:

  • what rules your employer broke, for example, they didn’t pay minimum wage
  • when they broke the rules, for example, which pay periods
  • how much money they owe you
  • your employer’s name and contact information
  • if your employer is still in business and if they have other locations or use other names for the business
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